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Home / Fresh Fish / Fresh Flounder Fillet - 5 lbs.
Fresh Flounder Fillet - 5 lbs.
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Fresh Flounder Fillet - 5 lbs.

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Any wonder that flounder is so highly prized with its lean, white meat and light, delicate flavor. Its firm texture allows great flexibility of preparation from broiling and frying, to stuffing and poaching.
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Storage: Fresh Fish will arrive packed on Frozen Gel Packs. Immediately place fish filets in coldest part of your refrigerator or if you do not plan to consume immediately please place in your freezer.

Inspection: Fresh fish filets will arrive packed in a plastic FDA approved bag. You can remove from bag if you plan to prepare to cook within 8 hours if not we recommend just placing the product in refrigerator or freezer.

Expiration: Fresh fish have a 4 day refrigerated shelf life upon receipt.

Preparation & Consumption: Always wash fish filets with cold water prior to cooking.

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