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Cocktail Claws

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Cocktail claws or crab fingers are the large pincher claws of the Blue Crab with shell partially removed. This leaves a sweet succulent lump of meat with its own handle formed by the pinchers of the claw. They are fully cooked and make an excellent appetizer straight from the container. Try them with your favorite seafood sauce or cocktail sauce.
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Storage: Pasteurized cocktail crab claws will arrive packed on frozen gel packs. Place in your refrigerator immediately upon receipt.

Inspection:  Pasteurized cocktail clawst will be packed in plastic containers with tamper proof lid or aluminum cans.

Expiration: Pasteurized Cocktail Claws will have up to a 9 month expiration date on the container.

Preparation & Consumption: Pasteurized cocktail clawsvis a ready to eat product. Once you open a can of pasteurized crab meat please consume within 3 days.

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